DecaDurabolin has been the best in its class for all the users such as body builders and athletes. There are two main functions that are done by this drug such as building muscle mass and bulking the compound. When you are on a cutting cycle, this steroid works wonders as it can cut the extra weight you put on. It has many benefits associated with it but has a long term to fulfill them. This is a negative point that all athletes see in it. It acts slowly on the body making it used to the drug and therefore it has a long tenure. Also, it is one of the lengthiest processes in the anabolic cycle. Find out the best dosage that works for fat loss.

More on Deca and its doses

The length of the cycle is around 12 to 14 weeks which is very long as most of the cycles close in around 8 to 12 weeks. The actual change in the body starts from about 4 weeks or later depending on the body type. This is when you start seeing the desired results and pump up more iron. This is the reason that short duration cycles are considered for fat loss programs. But Deca is an all-rounder and can be used for all purposes. It has the best possible effects if the stack is right and the combination is potent. But you should be cautious of the dosage that works for fat loss. This is one thing that should not played around with. It influences the natural testosterone production as it is second best in this genre. Testosterone is a natural hormone which is produced in the body. When you consume the steroid the artificial concept of production starts disrupting the natural one. This leads to sexual dysfunction among males. The hormone is present among males and in some cases among females in their ovaries.

This is the reason that Dianabol and Testosterone form a great stack when Deca is around. Stacking is an art and needs an in-depth knowledge of the steroids. You can harm your body if you do not pay attention. Doctor’s advice is a mandate f you do not have the right skills to gage what your body needs. Just to get a good physique, do not ruin your current body type. It is not necessary that if one person has benefitted from it, so will you. Each body type is different from a metabolism standpoint. There are many parameters such as age, sex, weight, height and many more make your body to react positively to the drug. If all these are not in your favor, any dosage will not help you at all. You can start with a 50 mg per week for three to four weeks and gradually increase up to 100 mg for up to 12 weeks. If your body shows some signs which are not normal, then you should consult with your doctor immediately, just to be sure that everything is fine. Sometimes the process to normalcy is irreversible.