Australia is known for its quality lifestyle and sound economy in the world. Everyone desires to live in this country and settle there with a good job, so that they can experience the luxuries of Australia and its state of living.

Australia is rich in resources while it lacks in skilled employees; this tend to increase the chances of workers from other country to work there. Australia serves jobs to numerous of peple around the world, but one who is wish to work or stay there need to get visa.

Australia lies in list of largest sovereign countries of the world. Australia has achieved the name of being highly developed country.

If you are an investor and want to invest in Australian market, then there is a benefit for you as you can get visa under investment visa program for Australia Popularity of Australian immigration investment program have increased with the increase in number of immigrants. To avail visa to immigrants, Australian government has established firms and organizations which work in this branch of helping immigrants to get their visa.

To get visa, you need to be eligible as per the regulations which Australian immigration firms has made.

About investment visa program for Australia

Being a investor getting an australian visa can be pretty much easy for you. For obtaining the citizenship in Australia, Australia has made a process which is to be followed by the immigrant to get citizenship.

For 188 Visa:

  • The very first thing which is to be taken by thye investor is to obtain temporary residence permit in Australia. There are many options available for temporary visa one of them which ius prominently used is 188 visa.
  • To receive 188 visa, investor should qualify under these categories:
    • Business innovation
    • Business investment
    • Business classification
  • The investor’s age should be less than 55 years and he should possess a proper plan to settle a business or make investments in any business in Australia.
  • You should obtain 65 points under your English proficiency, age, education or qualification, business activities, and endorsement of investor in a specific territory or state.
  • When you get this visa; you can stay in specific territory of Australia with your family for 4 years.

After the investor gets 188 visa then he can further apply for business 888 visa.

For business 888 visa,

  • Investor needs to prove that they have $600,000A as net value and he has successfully maintained ownership in Australian business.
  • Investor must have four years record of sustaining in austalian business and has made investments too.

If the eligibility and requirements are fulfulled, then the investor and his family can get permanent residential permit in Australia in a specific state or territory.

Investors who are in urge to get Australian visa for business they can use criteria of Australian immigration investment program. You can hire a knowledgeable attorney to help you and guide you.

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