Are you looking to improve the sales in your restaurant by providing quick and reliable service to your customers? Do you want your restaurant to be known in your area for quick, reliable and customer friendly service? Well, if you need all  these things to come true, then you must have an iPad POS system installed in your restaurant that will make servicing your clients a breeze without any errors.

Running a Restaurant

If you are an owner of a restaurant, then you would have known by now that it is not an easy job to run a restaurant. It is important for you to take every possible step that you can in order to streamline the process of running a restaurant, right from customer reservations to getting the order for the food and payment processing. It would be ideal for you to set up an iPad POS system in your restaurant that will help in doing away with the paper based system or mechanical cash register system of running a restaurant. Try it out and you will see the difference within a few days.

Setting an iPad POS System

If you have decided to go for a restaurant iPad POS system to boost your business and to improve your customer service, then the following are the steps involved in setting up the system in your restaurant. You will need to invest in a kitchen and receipt printer and a credit card reader when you set up the modern day iPad POS system in your restaurant.

  • You will need to install a Wi-Fi enabled printer in the kitchen so that you will be able to send the orders that your waiters take right to the kitchen instantly.
  •  A Wi-Fi enabled printer must also be set up in the manager’s cabin or any location that is easily accessible so that you print out the receipts for your guests. You will also need to connect the credit card reader to the dock connector on your iPad to accept credit card payments from customers.
  • Next, you will need to download the best restaurant POS app that you feel works well for your restaurant from Apple App Store and install it in your iPad.
  • You will need to tap the icon of the restaurant POS app that you have installed in the iPad to launch it. You need to sign in with your contact information and other details when prompted to enable the app.
  • Now add items to your menu, the details of the food along with the price. You need to click on the camera to take pictures of the food and the image will get saved in the menu.
  • Now you need to add the tables to the POS system. Once done, you can tap on the corresponding table when a reservation is made or when customers are seated. Enter the orders and send the details of the order for the table to the kitchen printer so that the cook can start preparing the dish.

About the Author:

Amie Jones is running a restaurant and has installed the iPad POS system in her restaurant. She shares her experience on how the POS system works and how beneficial it is for restaurant owners. She has written a lot of blogs about POS systems on