Wouldn’t it be nice to just rest and sleep all day? How much more if you can sleep while shedding out that fat? Just imagine how good it would feel every time you wake up; that would really be one great dream come true. Good thing that it is true! Sleep can indeed help in losing weight, but the real question is how? Before you read up on any modapharma review, check out what we have to say first.

According to Dr. Siobhan Banks from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, having adequate sleep can aid in weight loss. Although the research on such field is new, there have been many surprising discoveries to date, not to mention the link between our sleep and our weight.

Lack of sleep is noted to affect our normal physiological functions

Dr. Banks said that loss of sleep could harm and if not impair us in the long run.  If we have been depriving ourselves of sleep for the longest time, our hormones and metabolism would be disrupted and cause weight gain. That’s why some bodybuilders often purchase pills like modafinil order online to keep them from not being able to sleep. This was noted after studying 92 healthy adults with restricted and unrestricted sleep. Results show that those individuals that have four hours in bed eventually gained weight in a little span of eleven days.

Lack of sleep increases our appetite

Researchers of the said study believe that limiting sleep could eventually increase ghrelin. This is a hormone that is produced in the stomach that stimulates appetite. Once this is excreted, this could stimulate our appetite. Feeling hungry and famish, we are lead to eating more than the usual.

The hormone ghrelin is produced while we are sleeping. As such, good amount of sleep could mean producing the adequate amount of it. However, depriving ourselves of sleep could upset the balance. In effect, the body would overstimulate it. According to a research by the Laval University in Canada, ghrelin levels are 15% higher in individuals who have less than five hours of sleep compared to those with eight hours a night. In addition, poor food choices and lack of energy are common to individuals who sleep poorly. You can check out extra resources about ghrelin here.

Lack of sleep can prevent us from being social

Dr. Banks also stresses out that apart from the added weight sleep deprivation could result to, this could also impale our social activities during the day. It is imperative to understand how sleep is important not only to our body but our overall well-being, so get that much needed beauty rest now. You will realize how great its effects are and how you are doing your body and your weight a favor.


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