India has become one of the best countries in the world to enjoy impeccable advancements in the medical sector. Hospital and medical centers of the country have rank-one rated medical practitioners and make use of state-of-art equipment to increase the rate of success of the treatments and surgeries.

The country has become the most preferred medical destination for several surgeries including the highly complex ones. Now it is seen that good number of residents and international candidates look for the best hospitals to undergo total hip placement surgery. Here are some real facts about this surgery.

What is total hip replacement surgery?

As the name suggests this is the surgical procedure conducted to replace the hip joints with a prosthetic implant.  This prosthetic hip is generally made with the combination of metal and plastic. At present total hip replacement in India is really affordable when compared with the reputed medical centers of international countries with high success rates.

Who are the right candidates for hip replacement?

In most of the cases, people with arthritis in hip joints prefer hip replacement surgery. There are certain criteria to be met by the patients to consider for this surgery. An orthopedic surgeon will have a close look at the damage happened to cartilage surrounding the joint area. Some other indications that lead the surgeon to take the decision for surgery include no relief from pain even after medications, chronic pain in the joints, pain during getting up from the seats, pain while engaging in day to day activities including climbing stairs, walking etc. and situation that need to stop any of the activities due to pain. People with these problems can consider this surgery.

Who are wrong candidates for hip replacement?

There are some factors that prevent the people from preferring this surgery. Your surgeon will check for all these factors and it includes poor overall health, uncontrolled high blood pressure, urinary infection, disabling heart diseases, infection from implant material etc. A person with these problems is advised not to take this surgery since it can bring worse effects instead of expected benefits.

What are the tests included?

The physician will check for the complete history and physical examination to find out the connection with the symptoms of pain with the history. The physician will examine the hip alignment and ligaments and will inquire about the experiences of instability or trauma. Some of the important tests conducted by the doctor to suggest the surgery include Arthrogram, Aspiration, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Bone Densitometry Test, Computed Tomography Scan (CAT) etc.


The cost of total hip replacement in India is really affordable in terms of quality and success rate of surgeries. Reputed hospitals in international countries charge double the cost of India for the surgeries and is the reason why most of the international patients make use of reputed medical healthcare discovery platform to book the surgery in India. Yes, at present you can select the reputed hospital from any of the desired location of the country to make the surgery really successful and satisfying.

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