Racks are essential for apparel retailers as it helps in displaying their merchandise. There may be some clothing pieces that can be advertised efficiently even when it is kept folded on the shelves, but definitely eye grabbing styles needs to be in the hanging form, more aptly showcased.

The long style dresses featuring flowing designs will do no justice if they are kept folded. It will surely not get buyers as the decorative detailing gets hidden from sight.  Apart from this, the formal materials and wear that crumple or crease or easily stay pristine and truly presentable on using a hanger and the appropriate place is a round clothing rack, than a shelf.  The advantage of such round racks that help clothing to be displayed are that they fit all sizes and make perfect store fixture.

Round racks represent the circular clothing racks seen in the department store. These circular racks can be useful even for home. The reason is that it offers enough room for garments and can be flipped through easily to see that is required.  In the garment stores, categories are separated using garment rack dividers and this helps in finding items easily. The advantage of having round clothing rack is that they are typically stationary featuring mostly a diameter of 36” to 42”.

The round clothing racks are mostly in chrome material and in fact some are foldable types that also facilitate in travelling. The round racks also have adjustable legs that can be made shorter or taller in height as per requirement.

Excellent Features:

  • Round rail constructed on rectangular tubing
  • Adjustable legs with variable height
  • Chrome material, so sturdy
  • Base folds up


Round rack in retail clothing or apparel stores is easy to take down or even set up. The advantage is its ease of assembly and variable height. It allows you to modify the floor space or expand as required. In fact, this rack also serves as a stationary rack for a long term. For better mobility, you may add casters.

Round clothing rack is perfect to maximize efficiency, as all the angles are rightly used. This design features four legs that spread outward and thus they offer full support to the top circular rim. In fact, in this clothing rack style, more hangs can be hung even with distinction in styles or sizes.  An addition of color code markers is enough to highlight distinction of styles or sizes, if required.

The circular rack type is appropriate for merchandising and clothing needs. There are creative designs and styles available in round type racks complementing a store layout or even a boutique setting.

Final word

Bear in mind that using a round rack makes the perfect choice to display clothing, but only the garments shoulder will be visible. There is limited visibility of each clothing front piece on a round rack, but definitely no other rack holds clothing in one and does such a good holding job that any apparel or clothing stores is incomplete without a round or circular clothing rack.